NewsApp and collaboration in the newsroom – Week 3

During this third week, I continue working on my project prototype and I also have the opportunity to listen the Shazna Nessa (AP) about the challenges of push technology innovation in the newsroom. Between the challenges identified by Shazna that caught my attention, and that I’m planning to use them to checklist my project are:

  • Do more with less: Which means that the technology must ease the process of producing content.
  • Deal with resistance: Associated with identify and be prepared to respond to the resistance caused by the changes that produce the technology.
  • Talk tech to non-tech people: Which sometimes is one of the most complex issues in software projects, because there is a gap between tech and non-tech people in terms of understand aspects like technology limits or knowledge about a specific technology that don’t let users to use it to its full capacity.

Curiously, when I was looking for news APIs to include in my prototype, I found AP Breaking news API, and it was the best choice in order to have access to full text news; Feature that is not common in the news API providers.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to listen Mohamed Nanabhay (Aljazeera) ideas about the challenges that represent to have a more direct contact with people gather as source of information; Meaning that information can be available from many sources like blogs, social networks, among others.  However, this implies that journalist have to make a great effort to solve issues like: filter appropriated and relevant content, find strategies to summarize high amount of information and that is possible generated in real-time.

Finally, I also update some features in my prototype between the most important updates are:

  • More information about entities: I include more information from every entity identified in the news. This information includes entity’s image/photo and Google trends popularity image.

  • First visualization: I include a network visualization using the entities in the news. The idea is to create more automatic visualizations that user can use to filter and get understand better the news.

The prototype URL: , feel free to play with it and any feedback will be appreciated.


One thought on “NewsApp and collaboration in the newsroom – Week 3

  1. Ah! the power of APIs! This looks almost like a finished product. Certainly one that would be in a bookmark for every person in a newsroom in charge of scanning the feeds to figure out if anything is breaking. My two cents: I think the idea of a general visualization to digest whether a story is highly integrated with anything else being reported or not is fantastic. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to figure out what the visualization really means (unless you’re trained in this stuff). If you can digest that visualization into something simpler (have you seen Google Charts API?) perhaps you could do the analysis for every story upfront and present a little graphic visualization besides each note read from the API. The processing of the story would have to be done for every story, but then again that is what computers are good at!

    Good stuff.

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